Escape Psycho Circus

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

This is me playing the Witch Doctor

I was checking out the EscapeHalloween dot com a couple of months ago, and returned on the site earlier today, seeing my likeness in the front page is still surprising. I have never been on a music festival lineup as an actor before, this is a first.

After watching actor Joaquin Phoenix play the Joker character , I was inspired to one day if given the opportunity , play one that’s out there like that . To my surprise, that opportunity came in sooner than I thought via brother Steven Eachon when he asked me to play the witch doctor role for Escape Psycho Circus.

In my film history I have played a range of characters, from a gang member, to a drug dealer in a Fox baseball tv ad featuring Ryan Klesko, to being the face of Lilt (Coca Cola) on British tv, but never a character quite like this.

For the up and coming Halloween activities, I am happy to entertain you as the WitchDoctor at EDC Las Vegas this weekend and Escape Halloween after that.

I am planning on having fun with it and shining my light within the darkness, for without darkness there can be no light.

See behind the scenes video footage on my IMDB page via kevens dot com

Happy Halloween .

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