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A movie project with Steven Bauer


Many moons ago, I casted and landed a major role in the Movie “Miami”, written, produced and directed by Miguel Delgado. I was over the...

Legal Dreamers made it to #1 in Jamaica


The Almighty has blessed me. I am honored to be the # 1 artist in the Jamaica 🇯🇲 reggae single charts this week with my latest song...

With Prodigy’s frontman Maxim


Many moons ago when Prodigy first came to Miami, that's where I met brother Maxim. We stayed in touch on and off over the years. Before...

Paris Hilton & Kēvens


Music is a bridge to all people. A few moons ago, I ran into Paris Hilton in Miami and we posed for this picture. Good times.

Legal Dreamers poll


This song is a hit. Sent it to a few dj pools and was pleasantly surprised to this feedback from one of them.

Sinéad O’Connor - the voice


Many moons ago while on tour, I ran into Sinéad O’Connor in San Francisco’s airport. Our interaction was brief but sweet. I invited her...

Brand new recording session


In the studio recording new horn lines for an other song.

New Single Release


Kēvens Set To Unveil Electrifying Anthem "Legal Dreamers" Blending Reggae and EDM. News by Moonlight PR Kēvens, the multi-talented artist...

Kēvens on Irie FM


I first heard of Irie FM through the legendary radio host Barry G. who was a dominant figure in the dancehall reggae world back in the...

Kēvens and Iniko


Met Iniko during their Miami premiere and was blown away by the quality of their performance .  Iniko’s show was as good as it gets,...

Michael Lang of Woodstock music festival


A few years ago, I had the great pleasure and privilege to perform at the Fest Forum in California where one of the most influential...

Happy New Year


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to 2022. We have a lot of work to do; we had a lot to overcome in order to be here. This year will have its...

Kevens on stage in Miami


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