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In memory of Gary Corbett

It was mid 2000 after performing at the Ultra Miami, I told Steven Lashley who was playing bass for me that I need a keyboard player for the next phase of my musical project. He invited Gary Corbett to observe one rehearsal. When he agreed to attend, he told Steve not to telI me who he worked with and I had no idea who he was. After rehearsal, he took off his glasses and said, I’d love to work on your project, and I said, Steve brought you so you must be really good. By the time I found out he was the touring keyboard player for the band Kiss and had written for Cinderella , I was in disbelief that he’d want to work with a local, unsigned Miami artist. I called him right away and said, brother Gary, I am not sure I can afford you. Then he laughed saying, sure you can. It’s not about money, it’s about your project and I love everything I heard. As a matter of fact he said, I’d like to introduce you to Bob Rosa. Come by the studio, we need to record. To make a long story short, we recorded a three song demo that made it on My album “We Are One”

Track 1.- Freedom For Humanity, 2.- Don’t stand so close and 3.- Please Don’t leave. Gary thought me how to be most effective at rehearsals, I became a much better band leader after working with him. A lot of keyboard players love to over play but not Gary, he’d play just enough no more or less and he was really good. When he found out that I had been listening to Howard Stern radio show for years, no matter where in the world we would be, he would bring up a moment on the Howard show asking if I heard that one.

Rest In Peace my brother.

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